Car hire Torremolinos

Rent the car in Torremolinos and enjoy 5 km of coastline where five wonderful beaches are. They are linked by a magnificent promenade which offers a wide variety of shops, bars and all sort of restaurants. Furthermore, special services and facilities were designed to provide the greatest comfort to people at the beach.
The first of these beaches is called Los Álamos and is located in the eastern part of the city. It is 1,500 m long and 60 m wide. Its sand is fine and golden. The beach is not too busy, because of its semi-urban location. The next one is Playamar which is about 1,000 m long and 50 m wide and has a fine-grained, gray sand. It is an urban area; hence its occupation is high during the peak season.
Bajonditlo is a cliffside beach and its steep is a historical symbol of Torremolinos.
It is 1,100m long and 50m wide splendid beach with gray sand. Its occupation is extremely high due to location. Moving forward, Carihuela is a special beach. It belongs to the neighborhood of the same name, which for a long time was no more than a humble settlement of fishermen. The village still maintains some of the characteristics of that time, although the greatest memory is kept in the restaurants located along the promenade. You can eat the best fish on the coast. For a long time, the beach was separated from the Bajondillo by a huge rock. Today the seafront of the one and the other are joined by this rock. Moreover, some apartment buildings have been built in this area. The beach is 2,100 m long and 30 m wide. Its sand is thin and dark and its occupation is extremely high. Mottfemar and El Saltillo, are about 800 and 600 m long and 40 m wide, respectively. Moreover, they share similar characteristics with La Carihuela. The beach of Saltillo ends right in the Benalmádena marina.

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