Rent a Car Marbella


Take advantage of our offer, rent the car in Marbella and visit this great center of posh tourism in Costa del Sol. The elite from various parts of the world spends its holidays here and many of them own a house in Marbella. The hamlet stands on the hill which is on the Mediterranean shore, surrounded by the high peaks of the Sierra Blanca. Its location allows the existence of a privileged microthermal climate in which the mild summer and the warm spring are extended over the year. There are 25 splendid beaches and 21 golf courses around which luxury urbanizations with large mansions and palaces are built. It has five ports, one of them is fishing and the others aim for leisure purposes. In addition to the Christian temples, there are two Islamic mosques, a synagogue and several Protestant chapels. It is worth mentioning that the nursing and check-up clinics have the most modern facilities for the treatment of obesity and stress. Pay attention to the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos, la Ciudad Deportiva Municipal, the great auditorium of the Parque de la Constitución, el Teatro Municipal and bullring. The city has a full equipment to practice diverse sports during the day and night time.


Marbella also keeps ‘a rhetorical helmet’ of exquisite beauty. There is an essence of the old city that the Arabs traces formed by intricate alleyways and delicious placetas what ‘the fountains murmur about’. The buildings are maximum two-storey and have white lime walls and windows and balconies filled with pots, which are flowery most of the year. The charming Plaza de los Naranjos is the heart of this area as well as the geographic and administrative center. Islam and the Renaissance meet there. The first one is visible in the garden close to the fountain, which was built in 1704. Also, the character of patio including bars and restaurants kept features of the culture, especially overnight when terraces are filled with cosmopolitan guests willing to enjoy their dinner. The second one is explicit in the structure and configuration of this place. One memorable building was constructed in 1485, immediately after the conquest of city. At that time, Castilian model of cities was adopted, although the arcades were eliminated. As shown on the plate fixed on the wall, the City Council building was ordered to be built by Juan de Pisa in 1568. It demonstrates an accurate asymmetry in the façade, in which the large wrought-iron balcony stands out. It remains open in order to allow the authorities to contemplate a wide range of spectacles held in the square.
The armor in the Hall of Commissions, former Chapter House, paintings in the courtroom with symbols alluding to justice and religion, the shields of Philip II are very interesting and attractive in its interior. Here is also the oldest religious building in the city, the hermitage of Santiago, a simple oratory drawer built as a result of taking over the city by Christians. Finally, as a principal building, the house of the mayor, whose construction was carried out in 1552. Its stone facade shows details of the Gothic, the mudéjar and the Renaissance.

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